Cyber Safety - Parenting in a Digital World

Cyber Safety - Parenting in a Digital World
When:Mon 14 May
Time:6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location:Alexander-Martin Espace at Link Educational Bookshop
341 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley
Cost:Free admission PLUS 10% off any purchase in store

Workshop Focus:

Do you want to:

  • Learn to empower yourself to better manage "technology use / screen time" in your home?
  • Learn more about the impact of screen time and how much is okay?
  • Minimise conflict about technology use through better communication?
  • Get some top tips on "technology use / screen time" setting boundaries?

Come along to hear some practicle ideas to address these worries and concerns. Learn some strategies to help you on a day to day basis to strengthen your relationship with your child/ren. Explore how improved communication with your child/ren will have a big impact on the whole family!