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About Book of the Month

Each month a book is chosen as our Book of the Month. It might be a picture book, novel, teacher reference or even a general adult fiction title that we feel would be perfect for Book Clubs to read. It could be a new release, a highly topical subject at the time or just an excellent title that we feel needs special promotion.

The book of the month is always worth checking as some real gems often pop up that would otherwise be lost amongst the vast array of titles that are published each month.


April 2018

I Have a Little Lantern

Written By Gan Dayong

This wonderfully illustrated children's book tells a story of a little girl and her adventure on the way to school!

The little girl left for school at dawn. On her way to schools, she met a little spider, a little squirrel, a little hedgehog and a little panda. They were all afraid of the darkness and wondering if mosters were hiding in every corner. Only the little girl was not scared, because she had a little magic lantern. They held hand-in-hand so that nobody would be scared...


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March 2018

Great, Now We've Got BARBARIANS!

Written By Jason Carter Eaton

An untidy kid sets off a pest invasion like no other in this boisterously fun picture book about the perils of messy habits.

Playing and having fun is a kid's job, right? Cleaning up is a parent's job, right? Why do grown-ups make such a fuss about tidiness and cleanliness, anyway? What's the worst that could happen? A couple of ants pass through? A lone little mouse pays a midnight call? No big deal, right? Right? Author Jason Carter Eaton and illustrator Mark Fearing are here to caution you that being a slob might in fact be a big deal-a really big deal. Maybe even a BARBARIAN-size deal! This outrageously absurd cautionary tale might just make you think twice about the cupcake crumbs in your bed and the half-eaten cheese curls behind the sofa. After all, you could end up with an infestation of barbaric proportions!


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January 2018

"If Blood should Stain the Wattle" written by Jackie French

In 1972, and the catchcry is 'It's time'.

As political ideals drift from disaster to the dismissal, it's also time for Jed Kelly to choose between past love, Nicholas, the local Labor member, and Sam from the Halfway to Eternity commune. It's time too for Matilda Thompson to face her ghosts and the life that took a young girl from the slums of Grinder's Alley to being the formidable matriarch of Gibber's Creek.

During this period of extraordinary social change and idealism, modern Australia would be born. And although the nation would dream of a better world, it would continue to struggle with opposing ideas of exactly what that better world might be.

Jackie French, author of the bestselling To Love a Sunburnt Country, has woven her own experience of that time into an unforgettable story of a small rural community and a nation swept into the social and political tumult of the early 1970s. A time that would bear witness to some of the most controversial events in Australian history; and for Matilda, a time that would see her vision made real, without blood spilled upon the wattle.


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